Episode 2: Madonna – “Like A Virgin” & “Papa Don’t Preach”

Vintown and Sammerz are back with another couple songs for the podcast we do where we talk about songs and the YouTube comments people leave on them. That’s the podcast you are downloading and reading the description of right now. It’s called Music Was Better.

This time we travel back to 1987 and the first concert Vince ever attended: Madonna’s Who’s That Girl Tour live from Alpine Valley in East Troy, Wisconsin. It was a memorable event that he has no memory of, but let’s just say he’s been closer to Madonna than you have ever been in your whole life. (Unless your name is Sean Penn, Warren Beatty, Guy Ritchie, Dennis Rodman, or you’re the kid from the Open Your Heart video.)

Vince has some fond memories of Madonna, Sam has definitely heard of Madonna, and the YouTube commenters… Well, you’re just going to need to listen and find out.

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