Episode 3: March 22nd, 1992 – “Save the Best for Last” & “To Be with You”

It is March of 1992. The number one movie is Basic Instinct, the number one TV show is Roseanne, and the top two songs on the Billboard Hot 100 are about wanting to get out of the friend zone. It is truly a horny time in America, y’all.

Sammerz and Vintown are back to talk about the two hottest songs from thirty years ago today as Vanessa Williams made her comeback from her Miss America scandal with “Save the Best for Last” while Mr. Big hung around the top-five with their campfire favorite, “To Be With You”.

This week’s comments are a doozy as the 40-year-olds are really in their feelings about these two songs and there are parasocial relationships with the artists galore.

If that sounds fun to you then come on, baby. Come on over, let us be the one to show you.

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