Episode 8: Citizen King and Green Day with Tyler Maas!

You may have heard of a podcast with two people reading YouTube comments from music videos, but a podcast with three people reading YouTube comments from music videos? “That’s ridiculousness,” Rob Dyrdek might say if asked about this particular topic.

He’d be wrong, of course, because this week Vintown and Sammerz are joined by Tyler Maas of the My First Band podcast and Milwaukee Record to discuss Citizen King’s late 90’s one-hit wonder, “Better Days (And The Bottom Drops Out)” and Green Day’s breakthrough hit “Longview”!

We kick things off with Milwaukee’s own Citizen King as we discuss the history of the band, the song’s film legacy, Malcolm in the Middle, and more.

The YouTube comment section is always a fun ride and this song’s is no different, featuring a deep dive into whether or not this song sounds kinda almost sort of reggae even if it’s not really reggae.

Our second song is Green Day’s ode to depression and masturbating all day: “Longview”. Tyler tells us about his band’s parody version of the song, we talk about the big influence that the illicit street drug known as “acid” had on the writing, the video director’s next level literal use of a monkey in the video, and more.

We finish up by digging into the YTC and if you thought there wouldn’t be comments about today’s youth being a generation of followers or cramped cocks, you’d be wrong. Why would you think that? Use your head, pal. It’s the whole point of the show.

A fun episode with a fun guest, you’re not going to want to miss this one.

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