Episode 9: Miss You vs. I Miss You

It’s an old fashioned song-off as Vintown and Sammerz put The Rolling Stones’ “Miss You” up against Blink-182’s “I Miss You” in a battle for YouTube comment supremacy. Or they just picked these songs because they have similar titles, whatever.

1978’s “Miss You” was the last of the Stones’ #1 hits on the Billboard charts. We kick off the show talking about that fact as well as the song’s disco influences, Mick Jagger’s divorce, John Lennon’s claims of theft, and more.

We then delve into the YouTube comments where a lot of people want you to know that they are (insert age) and still listening to their favorite band. Would you like to blast this one on the streets of London? Does this song make you think of the Vietnam War? You ever just pop some MDMA and listen to the best tunes from every era? If so, you’re a YouTube commenter who just got talked about.

Our second song is Blink-182’s “I Miss You” and we finally get to the bottom of who the heck these Jack and Sally characters are that everyone keeps talking about. We also get into the song writing process, spin buys, and some hip cats known as the Chainsmokers. (Is it just me or is smoking bad for your health? Just my opinion.)

The YTC are a heck of a lot of fun as everyone is sad about dating or their parents. The nostalgia is strong and the kids ain’t alright, but they sure do love their “junk 182”. We search for the meaning of ‘hello there’ and much more.

You don’t want to “miss” this one.

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