Episode 13: Emo Girls

You may think based on the title of this episode that we’re talking about that MachineGOON Kelly song and you would be wrong! After what Willow’s dad did, can you imagine?

This week Vintown and Sammerz are talking about two mid-2000s emo criers: “MakeDamnSure” by Taking Back Sunday and “Hands Down” by Dashboard Confessional. Not only that, but they have a special guest to help them do it, Music Was Better’s official emo correspondent: Ashley!

We start off with “MakeDamnSure” as we get into the lyrics, the song’s MySpace and AIM legacy, its ranking on the best songs of 2006, and Degrassi: The Next Generation. Craig and Manny shippers, this one’s for you.

The YouTube comment dive is interesting as always with hero moms, problematic relationships, and the kind of america-style-squeamishness we’ve come to know and love.

Things get slightly more upbeat with “Hands Down”. We share some personal stories, talk lyrics, Dashboard’s downer reputation, and One Tree Hill. Teen dramas in the 2000s really loved this emo shit, y’all.

If you think there are some people in the YTC talking about their past relationships, you would be right! Hey, one of two ain’t bad. We celebrate all DC fans here, from a bitch for love to a fat, 39-year-old drunk.

The songs may be emo, but this episode is anything but.

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