Episode 16: California Girls, Part 2

It wouldn’t be summer without a sequel that nobody asked for.

Apparently, there are some “California Girls” songs that we forgot about last week so Vintown and Sammerz are coming at you with a sequel to talk all about them.

The first one is David Lee Roth’s cover of the Beach Boys classic. We talk about his decision to go solo, the song’s success in comparison to other Van Halen songs, the Crazy from the Heat EP, and more.

We delve into the YouTube comment section of a VHS rip of “California Girls”. Things start off okay with your run of the mill stoners and admirers of Dave’s fighting skills, but then things take a turn for the worse with Katy Perry haters, racists, and liars? Oh my.

Our second song is Gretchen Wilson’s “California Girls”, a song that neither of us knew existed until earlier this week. Honestly, it was better that way, but we talk about it anyway. There isn’t much out there about this one so we even delve into Gretchen’s experiences in Plane Hell.

The comment section is filled with people who don’t quite get that the song isn’t that serious and they are mad as hell about it. Plus, an appearance from Gretchen herself?! No way!

Get more California Girls than you ever wanted by listening to this episode.

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