Episode 18: Walking on Sunshine / Walking on Broken Glass

The Music Was Better Summer Salebration continues with an episode dedicated to one of our favorite summer pastimes: walking! One foot in front of the other, y’all!

Specifically, “Walking on Sunshine” (Vintown) and “Walking on Broken Glass” (Sammerz)!

We started off with what Vintown calls one of the happiest songs ever, Katrina & The Waves’ “Walking on Sunshine”. We talk about how the band really wanted to be Velvet Underground, the insane amount of money the song makes, Hurricane Katrina (more like hurricane tortilla), and the numerous covers of the song.

The YouTube Comments (YTC) will make you as happy as a dog when it gets to walk, including someone mad about comparisons to Starship’s “Built This City”, a 14-year-old that wants to be reborn, and a questioning of reality itself.

Sammerz’ pick is up next, Annie Lennox’s 1992 hit, “Walking on Broken Glass”. We dig into Diva, if this song is a personal one, Annie’s problematic character, and the star studded music video. Hey, is that Dr. House I see? I bet he’d diagnose this segment: very informative!

The YTC for this song has some real gems. From Vivian’s boring dream to Thomas’ woke anthem to Robert’s rage against music videos, the comments really are like that shoe that fits just right.

So, what are you waiting for? Pop on your walking shoes and take this episode around the block. Your feet (and your ears) will thank you.

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