Episode 19: The Warrior / Love is a Battlefield

“Warrior”? “Battlefield”? What is this, some kind of war propaganda? Because that is not okay. Umm, war is bad? Like, seriously…

No, silly, it’s two of the best songs of the 1980s and Vintown and Sammerz are here to talk all about them. This week we’re covering “The Warrior” by Scandal (aka the Patty Smyth band) and “Love is a Battlefield” by the great Pat Benatar!

The show starts off with talk about 1984’s “The Warrior” by Scandal. We talk about the song’s writers, the great Holly Knight and Nick Glider; her writing process, the band’s demise shortly after this song hit, stereo jungle child, the classic music video, and Netflix’s GLOW.

We then dive into the YouTube comments section where this song is great for talent shows, but bad for bodybuilding competitions. It does sound great when driving a Datsun 280ZX though. Plus, a guy who is really into a BatMan/WWF crossover.

Pat Benatar’s “Love is a Battlefield” is our second song of the show. It is also written by the great Holly Knight along with Mike Chapman. Their songwriting process is covered here as well as their anger at Neil Giraldo’s re-arranging of the song. Something they conveniently dropped when the song became a huge hit. Funny how that works. Hashtag capitalism. The music video is another all-timer so you know we’re talking about that too.

The comment section asks a very important question that we all should be asking ourselves: why world not like when this song come out? why world hard now and no mall? Plus, True Blood talk, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, having thoughts, and an expert in feelings. Good times!

Listen up. This might just be one of our best episodes to date.

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Credit to SongFacts and Wikipedia for research.

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