Episode 20: Jagged Little Pill 25

The Music Was Better crew took a field trip to the Alanis Morissette concert and now they’re here to talk about it.

The show starts off with “You Oughta Know”, that song that everyone thinks they know who it’s about. Well, guess what? You don’t and we’re sick of hearing about it! Why would you even want this song to be about you anyway? Hey, it’s me, the abusive dickbag from. Cool, I guess?

The comment section is loaded with jagged little pills, including a dad who used this song to teach his son a lesson about how to treat women. That’s pretty nice. The only song my parents ever played for me was “Helter Skelter”. They said it was about some kind of prophecy their friend Charlie told them about? I don’t know, I wasn’t really paying much attention.

We follow up that angry song with a happier one, “Head Over Feet”. Not much facts out there about this one, but the song is a banger. Nobody wants to talk about happy songs anymore.

The YouTube comments are filled with the exact kind of people you’d think would be in there. Mostly men who are not okay.

Grab a glass of water and swallow down this jagged little pill of an episode.

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Credit to SongFacts and Wikipedia for research.

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